The first surgery in Ukraine

In the Center of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Kharkiv City Hospital of emergency medical assistance were performed two unique surgeries for the treatment of refractory forms of epilepsy.

Both operations were performed under the supervision of an Italian surgeon, the head of the neurosurgical clinic of the University of Turin, Alejandro Ducati.

The vagus nerve controls over all the internal organs, passing them signals from the brain. Scientists have suggested that if the nerve receives signals from almost all the parts of the brain, than it means that it is possible to release signal return through it. In this way, in case of a patients with multiple foci of epilepsy occurrence signal from the implanted stimulator goes to the brain and breaks the attack. We can say that even the serious patients, with no hope for other types of surgery and medications, have now one more chance”, - said Oleksandr Dukhovskyi, the paediatric surgeon.